New Eyes operates primarily through the efforts of an extraordinary corps of volunteers. Our volunteers perform many important tasks:

  • Sorting and testing donated eyeglasses for our overseas program
  • Sending out acknowledgements of donations
  • Pricing or selling donated items in our Fabulous Finds Thrift Store to raise funds to support the U.S. eyeglass voucher program
  • Providing administrative support so that New Eyes' resources are dedicated to services rather than clerical work

Volunteers are the heart of the organization. The work is fun, social and deeply rewarding. We design our volunteer opportunities and hours to suit your schedule and interests.




New volunteers are always welcome and appreciated. Volunteer sessions are scheduled during the week. 

  • Eyeglass Sorting (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday mornings)
  • Acknowledging Eyeglass Donations (Thursday mornings)
  • Public Relations (Mondays at 1pm)
  • Thrift Store Pricing (Tuesday mornings)
  • Thrift Store Sale (Thursday afternoons and select Saturdays)
  • Giftware Pricing (one Monday per month)
  • Administrative Support (schedule varies)

Interested in Volunteering at our Short Hills, NJ Office? 

Contact Sally Golding, our Volunteer Manager


 Email Sally



Many local youth clubs, civic organizations, professional organizations, corporations and groups from houses of worship volunteer at New Eyes to sort, test and box glasses for our overseas program. Some groups come once a month, others come once a year.

Groups can schedule special sessions lasting a half day or full day on Thursday or Friday. 


High school students (age 14+) volunteer at New Eyes after school on Thursdays or during the summer to sort, test and box eyeglasses for our overseas program. New Eyes provides training and adult supervision. We log student volunteer hours and are happy to document those hours as needed.

In 2013, 29 high school and college students volunteered hundreds of  hours during their summer vacation. They sorted, tested and re-packaged thousands of pairs of donated eyeglasses for distribution overseas to poor people in developing countries. They helped with administrative tasks and spruced up the exterior of New Eyes by weeding, pruning and watering plants.