New Eyes for the Needy purchases basic prescription glasses for people in financial need in the U.S. through our voucher program.

Individuals cannot apply for themselves.

Online applications can only be submitted by social service agencies.


Register to Apply 


Agencies must be registered with our program to submit an application.  Please click "Agency Registration Instructions" at right. 

After you are registered, you may complete and submit an application for your client.



Apply for an eyeglass voucher


New Eyes provides a basic pair of single or lined bifocal lenses. We cannot provide upgrades.   A New Eyes voucher is for individuals who have no other resources with which to obtain a basic pair eyeglasses.

Voucher applications can only be made online. Please ensure that your client has a recent eyeglass prescription including a pupillary distance (PD)  measurement before applying. Please click "Agency Online Application" at right to apply.



Redeem your Eyeglasses


New Eyes vouchers are only valid for use through New Eyes' online dispenser at

To ensure you order the correct glasses for your client, please view the videos below on how to pick the right frame and how to correctly enter your client's prescription. It is imperative to enter the correct information. New Eyes cannot issue another voucher for prescriptions that are entered incorrectly.


How to Choose the Right Frame for You

How to Enter a Single Vision Prescription

How to Enter a Bifocal Prescription