Are you an individual looking for help to obtain an eyeglass voucher?

Individuals must have an eye exam before applying to New Eyes. Due to limited funding, eye exams are not part of our program. Individuals cannot apply directly to New Eyes for an eyeglass voucher. You should approach your social service agency, health advocate, primary care physician or house of worship to submit an application on your behalf. Please ask them to go to our Apply for an Eyeglass Voucher page to register and submit an application for you. 

Please not that New Eyes cannot provide or refer you to a caseworker. If your Medicaid insurance has directed you to New Eyes, please refer back to them and let them know that they must apply to our program on your behalf. Once your advocate submits your application online, we will email them a voucher, usually within 48 hours. You can use this voucher to obtain a basic pair of eyeglasses with no out-of-pocket expenses to you. It cannot be used as a partial payment or as a down payment for eyeglasses. 

Are you a social service agency caseworker, primary care physician, school nurse, or house of worship who is looking to inquire about obtaining an eyeglass voucher for your client?

New Eyes accepts applications for eyeglass vouchers through our online portal. We no longer accept paper applications. Please register yourself or your agency if it has not already been registered. You will find instructions on how to register. If your client application is approved, you will be emailed a voucher to download and print. 

If you are experiencing problems registering, please note that many of the problems can be resolved by updating your web browser. If you were sent a registration link but did not use it within the allotted time frame or you are experiencing other problems, please send us an email at for quick resolution. 

Are you an optical dispenser who has received a voucher from a New Eyes client?

If you are in receipt of a New Eyes voucher from one of our clients, please keep the right side of the voucher and submit the completed left side to New Eyes through postal mail. We will reimburse you according to our reimbursement rates as stated on the voucher within 10 business days. If you are new to our system, we will assign a dispenser number to you once we receive the redeemed voucher. 

Are you a client who has received a New Eyes voucher? 

You may take the New Eyes voucher to a local optical dispenser as long as the dispenser accepts our reimbursement rates as stated on the voucher. Please note that you may also order your eyeglasses online at Marvel Optics as noted on the voucher. Marvel Optics is the only dispenser that can provide New Eyes voucher recipients with progressive lenses and offers over 300 eyeglass frames from which to choose!