The Best High School Student Volunteers

If it's summer, that means New Eyes is filled with hard-working, dedicated high school students!

Led by New Eyes intern and Rutgers student, Jill Maged, the high school program is a 4 week volunteer program for local teens to come in to New Eyes and help in the effort to spread clear vision throughout the world. Students are trained to do a variety of tasks including sorting used glasses into various classifications (like bifocal, progressive, reading, astigmatic, etc.) and  testing the prescription of used glasses through the use of lensometers, special optometric equipment. And there's always plenty of unpacking big deliveries of used glasses and packing up sorted and tested used glasses for overseas shipment. One big recycling circle!

We start every summer with lots and lots of backlogged glasses. And every summer we are amazed how smart. efficient and industrious our high school student volunteers are as they plow through the thousands and thousands of glasses! New Eyes is truly fortunate to attract such outstanding teens!