A Letter From Dr. Purnell

June 11, 2014

Dear Eyes for the Needy,

We would like you to know that those we treat thank you also. Our medical team is much appreciated by the Maasai tribe and town residents of Kajiado. Three days are spent in the bush with many who have never been given an opportunity to get medical treatment; two days we set up in a medical clinic by our mission station. Our new outdoor site from last year now had a building to house the clinic day. This bush clinic was where we treated the most patients having to sadly turn people away at the end of the day. These new churches started by Missionary Parks have truly been a blessing to the Maasai. Our travels are over very rough terrain so the team must close clinic and leave the bush while it is still light out.

Dr. Bob has been treating babies with eye infections from fly larva left on eyelids. Thanks to your donations we were able to purchase antibiotics that can be used on infants. Dr. Bob also was able to obtain lid scrubs for babies; he would use it first on the mother so she would understand how to apply the liquid and then he cleaned the babies' lids removing the larva. We would give them several packets in a bag for their future needs. What warmed our hearts were the number of moms bringing their babies as the day wore on. This just confirmed how the tribe members share news and put their trust in the clinic sites we set up. This gives us energy after long days with many patients.

The women do beautiful bead work which is a form of income they need. However, age and environmental conditions affect their eyesight making bead work difficult. When Dr. Bob provides a prescription for their vision, eyes light up and joy spreads across their face as he points to their beads and asks if they can see better. The majority of male patients Dr. Bob treats need drops for dry eye or antibiotics for eye infections. Having no running clean water, no electricity, and sometimes no supplies for feeding families these people have an inner peace and joy that feeds our desire to continue serving the Maasai tribe.

Thank you for serving the Lord with us by financial and prayer support. Our last day of clinic is always filled with emotions as we say goodbye for another year.

Bob and Sandy Purnell