June 2014 Board Agenda

Board Meeting Agenda 

Board Audit Review Meeting Agenda 

June 30, 2014

7:00 p.m. @ New Eyes/Fabulous Finds



Welcome:  Marianne Busby

  • Testimonials/Thank You Letters


2013-14 Audit Presentation:

  • Donald Heard of Noke & Heard


Consent Agenda Report Review

  • Minutes of May 5, 2014 Meeting
  • Grant Report
  • Executive Director’s Report
  • Volunteer Manager’s Report


Treasurer’s Report:  

  • Glasses Update: Barbara Daney


Other Reports:

  • Operations/Overseas Distribution of Glasses:  Jake Dalton
  • Fabulous Finds Showroom:  Jean Gajano


New Business:

  • Fall Fundraising Event



Next Board Meeting Date – September 15, 2014

Board Minutes May 2014

Trustee Present: 

Marianne Busby (phone)     

Doug Cohen

Barbara Daney

Suzanne Escousse

Denise Mogil (phone)

 Peter Taggart

Rachel Weinberger

Leonard Werner

Trustees Absent: 

Diana Epstein

Jim Pellicane

 Kristine Van Amsterdam

Debbie Wyman

Staff Present:       Jean Gajano

                              Sally Golding

Also Present:        Jake Dalton

Welcome: Rachel Weinberger

All Board Members and Staff were greeted and the meeting was called to order at 7:10pm. 

R. Weinberger read 3 testimonials of appreciation.

Consent Agenda Report Review: Rachel Weinberger

•Minutes of the March 10, 2014 meeting

•Grant Report

•Executive Director’s Report

•Volunteer Manager’s Report

•2013-14 Overseas Glasses Distribution Report

Board members did not have any questions/comments regarding the five reports.

    Motion to approve all five reports:  Marianne Busby

    Second: Doug Cohen

    Motion Approved by the Board.

Treasurer’s Report: Barbara Daney

Financial Report

Barbara Daney distributed the year-end financial report (year ended 3/31/14) that will be audited.  

•Revenue highlights: Fall Appeal raised $104,235 (141% of budget); $62,177 anonymous one-time donation of stock; Special Events-Kids Rock net proceeds $9,360 (2014) and $8,167 (2013); net proceeds of Eye Rock will probably be about $75,000; See for Change raised $7,867.  Because of spreadsheet error, Total YTD Revenue of $565,285 to be adjusted up by about $10,000.  Peter Taggart asked Barbara Daney for more information regarding the Prudential donation.

•Expense highlights: $1,744 paid for workmen’s comp audit (2 company owners did not have workmen’s comp insurance on themselves, only the workers); credit card fees $2,926; Total YTD expenses $301,475 (135% of budget); cost of glasses purchased $329,516 (107% of budget).

•Net income $56,645 (due to inability to predict EyeRock revenue).  Will be depreciated in audit. Strive to reach zero.

Spending Policy Review

•Glasses budget going forward is $47,584 per month.  Will be reevaluated in a couple of months.

•Jean Gajano asked Barbara Daney for amount of glasses expense included in Cash Account 4 months operating expenses that could possibly be pulled to actually pay for glasses.

Glasses Update

•Barbara Daney to confirm budgeted cost of pair of eyeglasses for 2014-15 Budget is $55 (will vary over time based on types of glasses purchased with vouchers)

•Currently no waitlist

•Office staff currently working with a $11,896 weekly budget (216 pairs per week).  Will be recalculated mid-May.

Other Reports

Kids Rock: Rachel Weinberger

•Most successful Kids Rock event financially, so far.  Very low expenses.  Goal of $10,000 for next year.

•Thanks to Peter Taggart for underwriting tickets and plastic laminates.

•Andrew will coordinate next year and identify future chairs.

EyeRock: Jean Gajano

•Very successful and well executed.  Tickets sold out. Many thanks to Denise Mogil for all of her help.

•May make some changes with production crew next year.

•Will be called “Rockin for New Eyes” and back at Hard Rock next year.

•School of Rock kids were great and will get more performance time next year.

•Good contacts made at Vision Expo and increased exposure for New Eyes.  Denise Mogil working with 2 vendors to manufacture glasses for overseas program.


Spring Appeal: Jean Gajano

•Will go out this week with smaller mailing list.  Not as high of a return as fall appeal.

•Rachel Weinberger suggested a one day on-line blitz incorporating social media.

Shop-to Care: Jean Gajano

•Philanthropic social entrepreneur set up a charitable website portal.  We are one of first group of 14 non-profits.  Hard launch in August.

*They are donating $5,000 to New Eyes.

Investment Portfolio: Peter Taggart

•Quarterly Oversight Report: Current value of combined portfolios at the end of fiscal year (3/31/14) is $2,995,437.  This does not include $130,000 deducted for glasses expense.  Performance Summary: Unrestricted Portfolio up 1.57% in latest quarter.  Exceeds spending policy. Real Return up 7.21% for latest quarter.  For Fiscal YTD, portfolio up 10.98%.  Have only underperformed spending policy in Latest 3 years.

•Peter Taggart feels that many of the spending policies implemented by Bessemer are paying off.

•Annual meeting with Bessemer on 5/6 with outside advisory committee (would like to expand number of committee members)

Operations/Overseas Distribution of Glasses: Jake Dalton

•800 hearing aids shipped to Starkey. Confusion that it was a gift.  Did end up receiving a check for $3,261.  Hearing aids may be our new gold.

•ReSpecs shipment of 118 cartons.

•Gold glasses sent to PA. Received check for $927.

•Thankful for hearing aids coming from Costco shipments.

•Denise Mogil met a rep from a box company. Hopeful they will donate boxes.

Newman’s Own

•Denise Mogil and Jean Gajano met with Julia Harris about their Serious Fun Camps (formerly Hole-in-the-Wall).  They are in the discovery phase and are working on a tie in with their camps and New Eyes.  Hoping to utilize the voucher program with the kids.

Fabulous Finds: Jean Gajano

•New clothing from Janie & Jack had been donated.  Didn’t sell well at sale, but a generous volunteer bought everything to donate to Christian House ($1,500) in Newark.

•Barbara Daney suggested putting a table of items by the street to generate interest and considering at posts for banners.

New Business:

Board Nominee-Susan M. Dyckman

•Was Executive Director for 4 years and did a terrific job.  Passion for organization and a wealth of knowledge.

Motion to approve election of Susan Dyckman for 3-year term: Doug Cohen

Second: Barbara Daney

Motion approved by the Board

Total of 13 board members; 3 open slots. 

2014-15 Board Meeting Dates

•Jean Gajano supplied proposed dates for next year and asked for feedback from the Board.

Local Fall Fundraiser

•Jean Gajano suggested a Board led local fundraiser, possibly an Oktoberfest.  

•Contact Trap Rock or Beacon Hill Club.

•Could ask Connie Fowler for suggestions.

•Need a venue first.  Barbara Daney to contact Trap Rock.

Old Business:

2014-15 Slate of Officers: Doug Cohen

•Asst. Treasurer-Ann Humphrey

Motion to approve slate:  Doug Cohen

Second: Barbara Daney 

Motion approved by the Board

Closing Remarks: Rachel Weinberger

Rachel Weinberger thanked the Staff and Board for attending the meeting.  The meeting was adjourned at  8:20pm.  The next Board meeting, the Audit Review, will be Monday, June 30, 2014 at 7:00pm in the Fabulous Finds showroom.

Minutes submitted by Sally Golding (Board Secretary)

Minutes recorded by Sally Golding (Volunteer Manager)

Executive Director's Report, June 30, 2014

U.S. Program

  • Vouchers are being sent out at a rate of 185 per week. The FY started out slowly as agencies not all aware that we re-opened the program on April 1st. No waitlist now but if applications continue to increase we may have to maintain one. 
  • North Carolina applications are rising at increasing rate. Voucher coordinators developing options in how to deal with large increase.
  • Board members Sue Dyckman and Diana Epstein have agreed to sit on the Online Application Committee to counsel and advise as New Eyes moves forward in picking a software vendor to develop the program.


Overseas Program

  • Volunteers have made good progress in sorting backlog of used glasses, though there will be adequate supply for Student Summer Program.
  • Volunteer Manager, Sally Golding has been very successful in recruiting individual and group volunteers for overseas program (please see Volunteer Manager’s Report). 
  • Feed the Children came in for pickup in early May
  • Currently searching for donation of corrugated boxes for used glasses as the supply of boxes donated last year from Costco has been exhausted. 


Community/Public Relations

  • Spoke to West Orange Lions Club on Thursday, June 5. New Eyes received $1,000 donation for WO Lions this past week.
  • Spoke to and presented New Eyes PowerPoint deck to Madison Rotary Club on Thursday, June 12.



  • There have been no grants awarded since May meeting. 
  • Grant applications since May meeting: William G. & Helen C. Hoffman Foundation ($10,000)
  • 2014 Spring Appeal to date:  $12,000
  • New Eyes received $5,000 from Shop2Care (the new shopping website featuring New Eyes and 19 other nonprofits that receive a percentage of proceeds).
  • First EyeRock 2015 meeting was held via conference call on June 10. Currently preparing promotion deck for sponsorship solicitation to be distributed in August. 



  • Voucher coordinators Susan Rodbart and Tamsin Morrison have been given their respectivformance reviews. Reviews will be done on annual basis in June of each year.



  • Plumber fixed toilet on first floor. 
  • Seeking estimates on new desk/work stations for administrative office through US Communities, a website for nonprofit and government agencies that offer vendor services discounts of 75-80%.



  • Interns Nathan Bram and Jill Maged are doing a variety of tasks including moving new Eyes’ website to a more flexible platform and constructing graphics for pages.
  • Advisory Board meeting was held via conference call on Friday, June 20.

Volunteer Manager's Report, May 6-June 19, 2014

Volunteer Groups

  • Regular morning groups:  Jespy House (Mon & Thurs); Opportunity Project (Tues);  Daily Plan-it (Tues.), Regional Day School (Wed; closing for good mid-June);  ECLC (Wed; not coming during summer)
  • Jersey Cares:  moved to 9:30-12 on Wednesdays.  We are having them do more simple jobs (eg, packing boxes, sorting out eyeglass cases/sunglasses, counting glasses) and more volunteers are returning.
  • High School Program (Thursday 2:30pm-4:30pm) averaged about 8 students each week.  Ended for summer on June 5.  Will resume September 4.
  • The second Goldman Sachs volunteer group came in Friday, May 16.  There were 20 volunteers that sorted/tested glasses.
  • The High School EyeVolunteer  July program currently has 13 students registered. The program will run on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings, 9am-noon.  We have asked for a $20 fee to cover tee shirt and snacks/water.  Jill Maget (summer intern) will help coordinate the program.
  • Met with Chatham Brownies and St. Rose of Lima 6th graders to talk about New Eyes and receive collected glasses.
  • Golda Och Academy (West Orange) bringing in 18 middle school students on June 19.
  • Scheduling  volunteer groups  with Accenture, Blue Cross Blue Shield (7/11), Wyndham Worldwide (9/19), Jewish Vocational  Services (7/10) and Morris County Youth Shelter (7/18) .


Individual Volunteers

  • Volunteer listings in the Item and the Independent Press .  Listings on-line in NCJW Volunteer Network, VMC, and Volunteer Match.   7 new volunteers trained.
  • Summer bringing a lot of volunteer interest with college students.
  • Working with Nathan to update sorting room (new labels on bins, update bulletin board, painting?)



  • Regular weekly listings for Fab Finds Sales in Independent Press, the Item, on-line Patches (12 in area), and monthly in Vicinity.  
  • Sending out email at the beginning of each  month on Constant Contact listing the Fab Finds sale dates for the month and special sales.
  • Developing calendar for 2014-15 Fab Finds Sales.  September opening will be Saturday, September  6.  Adding a Thursday sale during weeks with a Saturday sale.