Executive Director’s Message

As we closed the fiscal year on March 31, New Eyes had much to be proud of. This was the first year in memory that New Eyes did not have to maintain a waitlist for our new prescription eyeglass voucher program at any time during the year. Thanks to funding from our individual, corporate and foundation donors, we were able to meet the need of all the children and adults who came to us for clear vision. It was particularly gratifying especially after experiencing a six- month 900 person waitlist the previous fiscal year. Our overseas program flourished with New Eyes shipping over 200,000 pairs of used glasses overseas, reaching across the world to 21 countries including Myanmar, Papa New Guinea and Uganda, changing lives through the transformative gift of clear sight.

There’s an old and oft-heard adage that it takes a village to raise a child. I could rephrase that and declare it takes a village (and then some) to make New Eyes run. Our dedicated and tenacious staff and large corps of volunteers continue to work hard to fulfill New Eyes’ mission to provide clear vision to the world’s most vulnerable individuals. This year, New Eyes welcomed 370 volunteers to assist us in all facets of our organization, answering phones, sorting used glasses, managing our resale shop and acknowledging every pair of donated used glasses that comes through our doors. It’s an astounding effort and nothing less than extraordinary that so many people sacrifice so much of their time and talents. We are humbled by their generosity of spirit and know well that we could not accomplish all we do without them.

New Eyes’ founder Julia Lawrence Terry had a great vision 83 years ago to provide clear sight through the simple yet critical tool of eyeglasses so that people in financial need could build better quality lives. We are proud that we are holding true to her mission. 

Jean Gajano, Executive Director 

Jean Gajano,

Executive Director