“A woman came into clinic one morning and began to tell us her story. She had married a man from a very small village in China. They had many children and worked very hard through the years in the field. Since it was not a wealthy village they had very little and lived very simple lives. The woman is now quite old with several great-grandchildren and her and her husband still work in the fields doing all they can to live. She said they did not have much money but wanted to be able to see, if we could please help her.

I found that she had cataract surgery and could not see much at all. I gave her a pair of cataract glasses and as she placed them on her face she began to weep. She could see my face, she saw her own hands much clearer, and after a short adjustment period, she was able to read for the first time in a number of years. It was more than she hoped for. She was so grateful and could not wait to go home and tell her husband and to see his face, something she was unable to do for many years.”