Where Do The Glasses Go?




"Warm greetings from Okinawa, Bolivia. Okinawa is a very, very rural and poor community in Bolivia. So many people in Okinawa have poor vision and have suffered from it for most of their lives. They never thought it possible to correct their vision with glasses because they could not even afford the transportation costs to get to the big city where eye exams are given. Unable to see things, they are forced to discontinue their studies, regular reading, and any other work requiring the ability to see up close.

With your generous donation, so many of the people in our community are being given the chance to see things clearly for the first time in their lives!!! I wish you could see their faces light up right after they put on the glasses and realize that they can see the words in front of them! They giggle like children they are so elated! One woman got so excited she tried to read every little piece of paper on my desk!

I have enclosed some pictures showing some of the patients and their happiness upon receiving the glasses. The pictures really only capture half of their excitement. Each person extended such a big thank you to me and I in turn tell them that all of the credit goes to New Eyes for the Needy, Inc.”

Kathleen, a Volunteer from Quinta Terra, Inc.